Community Impact

In a short time, we’ve made a big impact

Giving back to the community in three ways

Marketa believed that fostering an inclusive and supportive community gives every woman the resources and encouragement needed to thrive.


$7,300 awarded to women of diverse backgrounds entering STEM fields to-date


Donations of equipment, supplies, and funds to worthy organizations

community service

410 hours of volunteer time coordinated in the local community


We are committed to supporting women entering STEM fields by awarding scholarships and creating networking opportunities. Scholarships are awarded to young women from diverse backgrounds focusing on STEM and environmental studies. We are primarily focusing our efforts on women in disadvantaged communities. To-date, we’ve awarded $7,300.

Visit our Scholarships page to find out about current opportunities and our past recipients!

Attendees from the Women of Excellence brunch on the deck of the Battleship New Jersey.
Jana McCabe and Priscilla Loomis posing with 3 scholarship winners.
Jana McCabe hugging a scholarship winner while Priscilla Loomis looks on.
Jana McCabe posing with a group of attendees at an event.
Two volunteers at the check-in table for the Brunch on the Battleship event. The bar is in the background.
The seating area at Brunch on the Battleship. In the foreground, a table of women. In the background are the other tables and the speaker.
Shawnee High School Colorguard on the deck of Battleship New Jersey under the main deck guns.
Three volunteers posing with gift baskets that they won in the raffle.
Seasonally decorated and framed chart of seating for the event.


Donations are provided to local nonprofit organizations to support their environmental and educational efforts. These contributions allow other organizations to expand their horizons and foster collaboration at future events.

By the end of 2023, we had donated $1,250 to local organizations!

A girl scout reviewing the material donated to Medford Lakes Camp.
Kids doing craft projects with donated materials.
2023 letter from Cedar Run thanking Marketa's Journey for a $1000 donation.

Community Service

Volunteer Hours are essential to any nonprofit’s purpose. Volunteers dedicate their time, talents, and energy to making a difference. They play crucial role in amplifying the nonprofit’s impact and mission, often inspiring others to get involved and support the cause.

As of the end of 2023, we’ve leveraged 410 hours of volunteer time!

Volunteers with a bag to collect trash heading out to the trail.
Volunteers in a presentation about the ecosystem.
A child putting pinecones into a shopping bag.
Children playing "Cedar Run Jeopardy".
A volunteer raking leaves.
Volunteers picking up trash.

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